Document Management

PowerRetrieve is an information management system like no other. Designed for use within any organisation that needs to file paper documents. From Small business to multi-national companies, local authorities, schools and police forces, the difficulty in the handling of paper documents has always been a constant issue, such as lost files, unauthorised access, inefficient business processes, lack of disaster recovery for your paper documents and time spent recovering documents…

It’s a documented fact that over 10 weeks of the year is taken up retrieving documentation in the office. Even if you’re already scanning documents into a file management system, they rely heavily on someone typing labels onto each document in order to retrieve them at a later stage. Indexing documents in this way is subjective and prone to bias.

PowerRetrieve’s unique indexing technology is capable of indexing the entire content of 7,000 A4 pages per minute, that’s every printed character, enabling you to retrieve information from within documents in seconds.

The Fuzzy search logic used in PowerRetrieve ensures that you will never lose a document again, it’s even capable of overcoming OCR errors or misspelt search queries to pin point that all important information from within your company files.

InfoCAP Technologies was first established in 1997; their focus being on developing software to address the needs of Information Capture both Microfiche and paper scanning solutions.

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